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What We Do

West End Consulting works with clients to build skills and competencies necessary for individual and organizational success.

With our help, senior leaders are better able to clarify what is required to implement their strategies, and senior teams are better able to identify and adopt the competencies and processes to work together on shared goals. As a result of working with us, senior executives improve their ability to foster partnerships, gain commitment, and develop people in order to translate strategies into action.

Here are some of the ways we provide value to our clients:

  • Building effective senior management teams. The best strategies are jeopardized unless senior leaders are able to work effectively together to produce results. We help senior management teams clarify their individual and shared goals, agree on what they need to do to achieve those goals, develop an understanding of and respect for each team member's skills and contributions, and commit to ways to ensure the success of the organization.
  • Helping executives improve effectiveness through one-on-one coaching. Change is constant in the life of an executive. New or increased responsibilities, unprecedented business conditions, and evolving career goals can impact the performance of new and veteran business leaders alike. We take a practical approach with individual executives to help them clarify individual strengths and development needs, enhance understanding of how their behavior impacts their as well as others' ability to perform, and determine improvement strategies vis-a-vis job demands, roles, and relationships.
  • Designing, conducting and evaluating executive and management development programs. Our work with numerous organizations has led us to understand when leadership and management training is effective and when it is not. We will evaluate what you offer, work with you to determine the best program designs for the future, and establish ways to ensure a lasting return on your training investment.
  • Linking human resource plans to strategic plans. Most organizations have processes in place for strategic planning and for human resource management. Frequently, however, initiatives to attract, retain, and develop people are not fully aligned with business objectives. We examine these systems and recommend ways to redesign and link the way human resource practices support business objectives.
  • Facilitating strategic organizational change. Every business model requires continuous updating, and occasionally, wholesale change. We know that the people within the organization - with their knowledge, experience, and understanding of its business, customers and markets - must create and be fully committed to its strategies if they are to translate them into action. We will work with you to identify and close the gaps between strategic intent and day-to-day behavior at individual, team, and organizational levels.