Drill the hard ceiling and install lead anchors above the corners of the opening where the light will be installed. Just remove one of the still-working pair of fluorescent tubes and replace it with each of the questionable tubes, one at a time. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. Converting 4ft Fluorescent Light To LED. Now you know the average cost to install a fluorescent light, which includes the labor and material, and what’s involved, so you can decide to do it yourself or hire a contractor. One clue that your ballast is the reason for a non-working fluorescent light is the light bulbs struggle to turn on. There are two kinds of type B LED tube, which are single ended power and double ended power LED tube. Noel Hendrickson/Photographers Choice RF/. Place the fixture in the ceiling cutout, and fasten it to the rafter with the sheet rock screws. If retrofitting an enclosed fixture open the diffuser from the light fixture. Wrap the bare copper wire around the screw. In part two, learn how to install an existing fixture with direct wire replacement. Flush fluorescent light fixtures come in two basic configurations, hard mounting and drop-in. The hard mounting variety mount between ceiling rafters or other ceiling framing and are secured to the framework with wood screws. Here is how to troubleshoot a fluorescent light fixture that will not turn on or flickers.Many times when a fluorescent light starts to flicker or takes a long time to turn on the ballast or light starter is going bad. There is a wide variety of methods for converting to LED tubes. Divide the total lumens needed (60,480) by 6,300 … However, ballast need to be removed before installation. For example, fluorescent light bulbs can be rapid-start or preheated. To mount a typical fluorescent ceiling fixture, first use a stud finder to find ceiling joists. Compact fluorescent bulbs are classified differently by manufacturers than tube fluorescent bulbs. Connect the light to the the circuit wires and install the ballast cover. 8' - Long and narrow is the best description of these types of fixtures. Tighten the screw until the wire is secure. For those of you who like to DIY, follow this guide to rewire a T12 or T8 fluorescent luminaire for T8 LED lamps and bypass the existing ballast. Attach the fixture to each of the eye bolts by threading iron mechanic's wire through holes in the fixture and the eye bolts and wrapping the wire securely around itself. Cut all the wires connected to the fluorescent light ballast. Remove the outer jacket from the cable end with the cable ripper or utility knife. 7. Converting your old fluorescent fixtures to work with LED bulbs is a smart choice. Installing a fluorescent light is a simple procedure with dramatic results. If your budget is low, buy a T12 socket. Read our guide on how to install a T8 LED tube replacement bulb for a traditional fluorescent tube light and browse our selection of LED replacement T8 tube lights. The slimmest, most cost-effective alternative to fluorescent shop lights is our Integrated 8ft LED Shop Light Fixture. Drill 1-inch holes in the inside corners of the cutout, and finish removing it with the portable jigsaw or with the keyhole saw. Remove 1/2-inch of insulation from the black and white circuit wires. This will keep the light from falling and hitting someone if the the T-bars collapse. What do you need to know when choosing carpet? Replace the two ceiling panels on either side of the light, and turn the circuit breaker on. The drop-in style are the easiest to install but require additional support by wires anchored to the hard ceiling above the drop ceiling for safety. Shut off the power going to the light fixture. Shove the nonmetallic cable through the cable connector on the light fixture until it extends 12 inches from the front of the fixture. The drop-in variety are used with suspended ceilings and are supported by the ceiling's T-bar framework. Weird & Wacky, Copyright © 2021 HowStuffWorks, a division of InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a System1 Company. Most tube lighting will have its size mentioned on an end of the tube. T8 LED Installation Instructions . So, in most cases, you won’t have to physically measure the tube’s diameter and length. I am installing one fluorescent light, out of eight in our kitchen. Insert the LED bulb, and you got your economical LED bulbs. Replacing an incandescent fixture with a fluorescent one is relatively easy. 6. The first thing you need to know is that there are three kinds of fluorescent fixtures: magnetic (inductive) ballast, electronic ballast, and instant-start ballast. Connect the black and white circuit wires to the black and white fixture wires by holding their stripped ends side-by-side and screwing on plastic wire nuts. Tubes labeled "warm" or "full spectrum" produce a warmer light, while a translucent cover helps diffuse the light and reduce glare. Step 2: Remove old T12/T8 fluorescent lamps. Reconnect wires & enjoy. This guide will explain how to convert fluorescent light fixtures to LED to optimize energy efficiency. Cut off any excess that's below the lower edge of the fixture, using wire cutters. 7 Easy Steps To Retrofit A Fluorescent Light Fixture With LED Step 1: Turn off power to the fixture. There are 4 different fluorescent light options; T4, T5, T8, and T12. This gives you a lumen rating of 6,300 per fixture. Locate two adjacent rafters with the electronic stud finder, and mark their inside edges. 4. Alternate Method: Direct Wire/Ballast Bypass LED Tubes. Step 7. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. Check to make sure you have turned off the correct breaker by bringing the noncontact voltage tester near the light switch cover plate. Install the light bulbs, and close the light cover. Single ended power LED tube need rewire, but it’s cheaper. POWER FLOWS THROUGH LED LIGHT TUBE 1. If you are going to replace fluorescent light with LED lighting you must take into consideration the color temperature. The simplest is to completely replace old fluorescent fixtures with brand-new LED fixtures. If none are available where you wish to hang the fixture, you can use toggle bolts to anchor it in the drywall. Wrap the bare ground wire around the green grounding screw, and tighten the screw down on it. Note: There will be four to eight wires coming out of the ballast. Then, use a nut driver to unscrew the nut holding the ballast in place and install … Don’t forget to adjust the … Well, maybe. Tighten the two screws on the connector, securing the cable in place. Remove the ceiling panel where the light is to be installed and the ceiling panels on both sides of that location. Mark out the cutout with the metal straight edge for the shape and size fixture you are installing. Slide out the fluorescent light socket to expose the wiring. As I said in the intro, we noticed this happening over a 3-4 week period. If you are troubleshooting a 4-tube fluorescent fixture, this is easy! Variations are identified by a standardized code marked on the light bulb. To safely replace the ballast in your fluorescent light, turn off the lamp, remove it, and check the voltage of the feed wires with a voltmeter. Disassemble the fixture as far as necessary to gain access to the back of the switch, then screw in the new switch and transfer wires from the old switch to the new one, one at a time to avoid an incorrect connection. Screw eye bolts into each of the anchors. A good way to check that your ballast is the culprit is to turn on a voltage detector and hold it next to the wires supplying power to the ballast. Loosen the green grounding screw inside the fixture. Fluorescent light fixtures are a mainstay in many homes and businesses. Turn off the circuit breaker to the light circuit you will be connecting to. If your goal is simply to save energy costs, simply install a fluorescent … It’s about the same diameter as a fluorescent tube, yet those slim dimensions contain both the light source and the fixture. Read our guide on how to install a T8 LED tube replacement bulb for a traditional fluorescent tube light and browse our selection of LED replacement T8 tube lights. Mark the spot on the ceiling where the light is to be installed.